If you are a blackjack beginner, you must first learn the simple blackjack rules. As you will quickly learn, there is definite potential to walk away from that table with more of those pretty chips in hand, at which point you’ll know that if you know the rules, blackjack can, quite literally, rule!

How BlackJack works

It’s very easy to learn blackjack. There is one basic educational skill needed within the blackjack rules – knowing how to add. And with that skill, you want to attain a hand scoring as close to 21 without going over, and being closer to 21 than the dealer. Going over 21 is known as a bust; that’s bad news for you, as your chips will begin to disappear quickly. One plus of this fast-paced card game is the fact that the player solely competes against the dealer. There is no strategy from the dealer, so a beginning blackjack player should never be embarrassed to seek out a kind, conversational dealer, who can basically offer a blackjack lesson and give some valuable blackjack tips. The same goes for other players at the table. (There is no blackjack rule stating that a player cannot reveal their cards, etc. This will be discussed later.)

Card Values within Blackjack Rules:

  • the ace is worth 11 or one
  • all face cards are worth ten
  • all numeric cards are worth the number on the card

Forget the suits, as they hold no importance within the blackjack rules.

A blackjack, or a atural, is equivalent to any card equaling ten, paired with an ace, to equal 21. In most casinos this often pays 3:2 – a $10 bet gathering a $15 victory prize, for example. Blackjack can only fall within the first two cards dealt. All other combinations are simply 21.
There are no official blackjack rules. Dependent on the casino, blackjack rules will vary. However, you will always be dealt two cards. You’ll want to make following plays based on what the dealer has showing. (One of their cards will remain face down until all players have ended play) So, have your own magic number where you will hit (take cards) and stay. The dealer will always stay at 17 and above, and they will hit until they have reached 17. With this new knowledge, the best way to practice is to simply deal two hands; one for the player, and one for the dealer. Play against the dealer, and once you’ve decided to stay, flip the dealer’s hidden card. Remember that as the dealer, you’ll hit until you reach 17, and stay on anything 17 – 21.