Playing online Keno is like picking your lottery numbers.
The game is all about luck and an absolute Keno beginner will have the same chance of winning as an experienced player. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s pointless to learn the rules of Keno. If you familiarize yourself with the different bets and the other Keno rules you will find the game much more interesting and enjoyable.

How Keno is played:

It’s easy to learn how to play Keno. According to the official Keno rules the game should be played on a card with a field of 80 numbers. To play you select numbers (also called spots) on the field that you wish to bet on and then wait for the draw. The more numbers you pick, the bigger the prize you will be going for, but picking more numbers also makes it harder to win. When you play online Keno the draw is done electronically. In live Keno games the draw is done in the old fashioned way with numbered ping-pong balls being sucked into a tube one at a time.

Standard bets in online Keno:

If you want learn Keno properly you have to know the different bets available. These are the standard bets that will be available no matter where you play online Keno.

  • Playing Straight Tickets; When you play a straight ticket you select the numbers you want on the Keno card and wait for the draw. Normally you’re allowed to bet on 1 to 15 numbers but some casinos allow you to bet on as many as 40 spots on a straight ticket.
  • Playing Combination Tickets; When you play a combination ticket you combine groups of straight bets on one ticket in different ways. Each possible combination will cost you one unit bet.
  • Playing Split Tickets; When you play a split ticket you play two or more games on the same Keno Card. You choose two groups of numbers and divide them with circles or a line. If you bet $2 per group your total bet will be $4.
  • Playing Way Tickets; When you play a way ticket you bet on several groups of numbers on the same Keno Card. This is the most complex bet in Keno. To begin with you have to decide how many combinations of numbers from the groups you’ve chosen you want to bet on. After that you must compute the bets you’ve made according to fractions you place to the right of the betting field. To find out the cost of your bet you add the numerators. This might seem complicated
  • Playing King Tickets; King Tickets is a variation on Way Tickets. The difference is that you select one or more numbers as King numbers. The King Numbers are circled by themselves, while the groups are still circled as groups.