Online Paigow is a card game and a derivative of poker, but the Paigow rules differ a lot from regular poker rules.
For the online version of this game the player only plays against the dealer and not against other players. This is a unique characteristic for an online poker game, as most online poker variations allow players to play against other players as opposed to playing against the house. One of the benefits of this game format is that the player only has to beat one person in order to win.

How Paigow Works

The Paigow rules are easy to learn. The game begins with the dealer giving the player seven cards. The player must then divide their cards into two hands. One five-card hand and one two card hand. The two-card hand must have a lower value than the five-card hand, and in order to win the player must win both hands. If the player beats the dealer with one hand but not the other, then the round is considered to be a push and no one wins. However, if both of the player’s hands are equal in value to both of the dealer’s hands then the round is considered a tie and the dealer is declared the winner.

Online Paigow

Online Paigow is not found at every online casino or poker hall, so online players will need to do a keyword search that specifically looks for Paigow poker. When you find an online casino that offers this game it is a good idea for Paigow beginners to review the official Paigow rules, betting rules for the casino, and any Paigow tips and tutorials that are offered. Also there are a few sites that offer play for free Paigow tables for players to practice the game on. This is a great way to learn Paigow the game without risking any money.