The rules of Roulette on the Internet are basically the same as in real casinos. Online roulette has two different variations.

  1. American Roulette. In this version the double-zero wheel is used, and it maintains a 35: 1 odds for any given number.
  2. European Roulette. This version is less familiar to U.S. players, but it can be easily learned by those who are familiar with American Roulette. The only real difference between the two variations is that the European Roulette wheel has only one zero position on it, as opposed to the two zero positions on the American Roulette wheel. This wheel change provides players with a better winning advantage as it cuts the house’s winning advantage from 5.26 percent to only 2.63 percent.
    Otherwise the Roulette rules are the same for both variations.

How Roulette Works

To play online Roulette the player will need to purchase chips to bet with. The player then selects a number or lettered box to bet on. Once bets are final, the player clicks on the spin button in order to start the wheel spinning. If the player has selected the number that the wheel landed on, then they win that round.

According to the official Roulette rules there are 11 different types of bets that a player can make: single number, split bets, five number, line bets, etc. Bets can also be made as an inside bet, those bets placed on the inside 12 rows and three columns of number, or outside bets, bets placed on the outside boxes of the playing table. Generally speaking outside bets are lower-risk and therefore they have lower pay-out rates. Common inside bets include: straight up, split bet, corner bet, five number bet, line bet, and street bet. Common outside bets include: column bets, dozen bets, red or black bets, low or high bets, and even or odd bets.

This game is actually all about luck, and a Roulette beginner will have the same chance of winning as an experienced casino gambler. There are a lot of Roulette tips and betting systems available on the Internet, but basically they are all useless. Just learn Roulette and have fun, that’s the best strategy. Don’t expect to win a lot of money over time playing roulette.