Social Casino

A new trend is growing and it is growing fast, social casinos are the new revolution in the casino industry. If you are looking for skill based and social games and you don’t want to play for real money look no further.
Approximately 800 million people globally play social games, and nearly 175 million of those people play social casino games. These figures are expected to double. The global social casino market is set to hit $4.2bn in revenue in 2016.

Social Casino Definition

Let’s see how we can break down the words « social » and « casino » to get a clear definition:

  1. Social interaction between players
  2. You can’t get anything out of it other than entertainment value.
  3. Social casino games do not directly accept monetary bets
  4. It is not gambling because of the absence of a stake and opportunity for monetary return
  5. Virtual chips have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or merchandise

As you can see a social casino is more focused on the social gaming aspect than gambling. In fact it is not gambling, as you can spend real money on in-game purchases but you don’t get a monetary prize. The prize is you advancing in a game.

Social Casino Development

With more than half of social casino gamers under the age of 40, and smartphones sales rapidly overshadowing PC sales, casinos not leveraging a solution to engage players with social and mobile gaming entertainment will find themselves at great risk.
Land-based casinos are no longer asking themselves if they will take advantage of social casino growth and success, but rather how and when is the right way to engage.

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